We regularly use a few technical words on this web (and in the application, too), so we list all of them in here.

  • Current position - may mean either current GPS position or position of the cursor on the map. In case you switch Follow GPS in map settings, these two positions are the same. If not explicitely specified, current position means current position of the cursor.
  • Gesture - Swipe, Pinch In, Pinch Out, Tap, Long Press, Drag, Double Touch. Refers to gestures recognized by screens of Android devices. We hold on to the official Android terminology, which can be found - along with description of the gestures - here
  • POI - point of interest. In Orbis, it usually refers to a point submitted by third parties, such as GeoNames or Wikipedia
  • Route - set of directions used in navigator; consists of waypoints
  • Target point - custom point entered by you - user of Orbis
  • Track - log with data collected during a single run of Orbis
  • Waypoint - a point on route
  • Zone - user-specified area anywhere on Earth. It is used in Orbis for making operations with data simpler and more efficient. Functions such as searching or caching map may be restricted to a chosen, previously created zone