Permanent logging is a fundamental feature of Orbis. Since you have run Orbis and the GPS module gotten connected until you shut Orbis down, your trip is being logged. According to philosophy of Orbis, you usually want to have your trip recorded, either for subsequent sharing or just a look-over.

Before Orbis shuts down, it stores the current log as a trip.

Example: A friend of yours goes on a cycling vacation to Lago di Garda. You were there the previous year (cycling, and were using Orbis throughout your trips, of course), so there are lot of things you recommend him. But there was one trip that was just wonderful. Inspired by what you told about it, he wants to make the trip, too. Orbis stores the trips in its database, so you list through the trips - which is organized into directories by months, so it doesn't take that long - find the trip and export into .gpx format and upload on your favourite GPX exchange server.